About VanDerZee Motorplex

Your research has lead you to our "about us" page. Just as you have researched our products, we want you to know about VanDerZee Motorplex. I'm Ray VanDerZee. My wife Linda and I own VanDerZee Motorplex. I grew up in my father's GM dealership that he purchased in 1957 in South Haven, Michigan. My first job was sweeping floors and progressing through car wash, lube rack, parts department, service department, sales and sales management. My youth was spent driving GTOs, Judges, and Trans Ams during the Muscle Car era. In 1978 my brother and I were the youngest Pontiac dealers in the USA. We sold our dealership in 1991 and I transitioned into pre-owned car sales and leasing. In 1993 we added Kawasaki Jet Ski watercraft.

VanDerZee Motorplex was built in 2006. Linda and I wanted to build a destination dealership with a 1950's theme. We enlisted Retail Design Associates of California to design a dealership unlike any other. We did not want a building packed with rows of motorcycles, ATV's and watercraft in a warehouse setting. There would be no cubicles or closing booths like a car dealership. Since we are selling "fun" products, our clients should be able to relax and have fun while making a purchase.

VanDerZee Motorplex is decorated with local memorabilia. A South Haven drug store was getting rid of their soda fountain that had been a local gathering place for over 60 years. Linda decided to give the soda fountain a 2nd chance in the Motorplex. It was restored to its original condition and is now home to FREE COCA-COLA in a retro glass bottle available to all clients at the Motorplex. You'll see an authentic gas pump, Coca-Cola machines, air pump, candy machine, a juke box and so much more. The Motorplex has won numerous awards for design. It truly is a fun place to visit.

In 2018 our three daughters Megan, Carrie and Amanda along with our wonderful sons-in-law Matt, Adam and Joe built Three Blondes Brewing next to the Motorplex!  It is a destination micro brewery and restaurant with local sourced food and delicious craft brews and ciders.  In fact, our showroom has a door that leads right into Three Blondes Brewing!  It is a great place to enjoy a great meal while your unit is in for service or while you and your family want to discuss your purchase at the Motorplex!  Order a Boom Boom Betty and you'll enjoy a craft beer named after the Three Blondes Grandmother.  The girls called her Boom Boom and boy was she a free spirited Grandma.  Full disclaimer, she was a Dutch lady that as her son, I never saw her drink a beer.  She would have been proud of her Grand Daughters though and to have her image on the label.   Three Blondes Brewing is the talk of South Haven and we couldn't be more proud of their success.  Take a look at ThreeBlondesBrewing.com!

While the Motorplex will certainly give you the "WOW" factor when you enter, it is up to the Motorplex Team to earn your business and confidence. When you enter the Motorplex you'll come to the greeter counter. Most often, your "greeter" will be either Ray or Linda VanDerZee! Rest assured your greeting will NOT be: What can I sell ya today?; can I help ya pal?; We'll offer assistance at your pace, not ours. There is no system selling at the Motorplex. You will not be bounced from so called manager to manager. We'll give you straightforward answers to your questions and together we'll assist you in selecting the right product for your needs. We appreciate that you most likely have done a tremendous amount of research not only on the products that we offer but on our dealership's reputation too.

Every member of the VanDerZee Motorplex Team knows the importance of exceeding your expectations not only during the purchase process but throughout your entire ownership experience. That is true for every aspect of our business: sales, service, parts and accessories, internet, rental, and storage services. The hard economic times of the past few years has taken its toll on many retail businesses. In powersports and auto dealerships alone, over 20 percent of the stores have not survived. What has increased are the number of "absentee owner" or "group owned" stores where volume is the only goal. Just try to talk with an owner at any of the so-called "Group" mega stores.  You may find a General Manager whose sole responsibility is to get the "Numbers" that make the corporation happy.   Sure, we need to sell a lot of product, but we will not compromise our values. The Motorplex Team builds lasting relationships. We've had clients drive 2 days or more to come to the Motorplex to complete their purchase. We have a map of the USA showing the hometowns of our clients from 47 of our 50 states! (We are weak in 3 markets, but we are working on it)!

Our clients appreciate that all VanDerZee Motorplex team members are accessible and that includes the owners. If you have a concern, you have our attention! The owners are here every day making sure that we follow through on what we promise. Ray and Linda are passionate about their business and that energy and dedication rubs off on everyone. When we make a mistake, we work to resolve the issue and make things right. You see, we truly do sell fun "stuff"! There is no greater satisfaction than to see our client's families as they "grow up" over the years and knowing that we've been a part of their family fun times. One of the best questions that we've been asked by parents or grandparents is "What have you got that will keep bringing our kids home?"

We're glad that you are considering VanDerZee Motorplex in South Haven, Michigan. We invite you to text, email, call or come in today. We truly want to earn your business. Come to VanDerZee Motorplex and "Be ready to be AMAZED!"

Thank you for visiting our webpage!


Ray and Linda VanDerZee